Travel To

Travel to is the website for information about cruises, car holidays and air travel to Asia, America, Africa, Australia and Europe.

What information can you find on Travel To?

It is important that you take sufficient information about your destination before you travel. I do not think that any website contains all the necessary information. That is why I started this website. Please contact me if you miss any information. I would like to make sure that the information is added.

General information

You can find general information on trips to. How you can best pay. Whether there is a time difference. Which plugs you can use. The national holidays out there. Whether the tap water is drinkable. How you can best pay. How much tip is customary to give. And more information.

Need vaccinations?

Your health is of course very important. That is why you want to know if you need to be vaccinated. You can also find this information here.

The history of the destination in a nutshell

Sometimes a destination has a very interesting history. I do not write very extensive pieces of text about history. But I do write about the worthy history of a destination.

The best time to travel

Every country or destination has its best time to go on holiday. It can also depend on the activity you want to deploy, which is the best time to travel to the particular destination. I look it all out for you and publish it on the relevant page.


How can you best move? Is it safe to travel by public transport? Is it best to rent a car on the spot? Or can you arrange this better at home? Is it safe to travel with a camper? Are the roads well passable? The answers to these questions can be found on trips to.

Where can you find beautiful walking routes?

I myself am a big fan of walking. I love to make a nice walking route in the open air. That’s why I like to find good hiking trails for you. I will describe both day trips and distant walking tours of several days.

Where can you find beautiful cycling routes?

Besides hiking, I also enjoy cycling. I am not a sporty cyclist. More a cyclist who quietly enjoys his surroundings. From that perspective, I also look for bicycle routes. I will not publish wheel trips and mountain bike trails on trips to. Lovers of the more active ways of cycling I recommend looking at another website.

National parks

Many destinations have national parks. On each page you will find information about national parks of the destination in question. Information about traveling to national parks. Where you can park the car best. At least, if you can get close to or in the national park by car. And of course data about the national parks themselves.

Festivals and parties

There are destinations that are known for their festivals or parties. Like the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the Oktoberfest in Bavaria. At each destination I describe the festivals and parties that are there. And that are worth a visit.

Religion and traditions

It is important to know which religions predominate in a destination. For example, if you are a homosexual, you may not be able to express this in some countries. For some destinations, it is mandatory for women to cover your head to a large extent. There are traditions that can really frighten you and even ruin your entire vacation. That is why it is good to be aware of the traditions.

Winter sports

I will describe the winter sports options extensively. Whether you can snowboard, ski or cross-country ski. That is all on the page of the destination.

Travel to example trips

Example trips are on the destination page. These are usually holidays of two or three weeks. That is the attractions that are there. With few places of interest, it may also be that I have not set an example trip on the destination page or that the example trip is shorter than two weeks.