Traveling to Australia is about the country Australia. Australia consists of states and territories. Briefly below I describe the states and territories. On this page you will find in particular travel information about traveling to Australia. But you can also find travel providers to Australia here.

Travel to Australia, New South-Wales

New South Wales has a small narrow coastal strip. In addition, the state has a number of mountainous areas. Many peaks of these mountainous areas are higher than a thousand meters. New South Wales also has a lot of agricultural plains, but also desert-like areas. For travel to Australia, tourists especially go to this state because of the mountains and the capital Sydney.

Blue Mountains

The dense eucalyptus forests give the sky a blue glow. That is why this mountain bears the name Blue Mountains. You will find, among other things, indigenous animals, ravines and waterfalls. It is a gigantic wilderness. And the area is on the Unesco World Heritage List. There is also a beautiful rock formation to see at Echo Point. This rock formation is also called the Three Sisters. The Aborigines think that three sisters are petrified here.

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is the oldest wine region in Australia. In 1824 the first wine grape was planted here. It is valley cut by rivers. And you will find more than a hundred wineries. Besides wine tasting, you can also enjoy delicious food in the best restaurants in Australia. Furthermore, you can play golf, go cycling, ballooning and horseback riding. If you like festivals, you can also enjoy yourself here. The recommended festivals are the Hunter Valley Vintage Festival, Opera in the Vineyards and Jazz in the Vines Festival.

Australia - Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains in Australia. You can find a license here:,_towards_Charlotte_Pass.jpg.

Snowy Mountains

This mountain range is the highest mountain range in the mainland of Australia. The highest point is called Mount Kosciuszko. This mountain is two thousand two hundred and twenty-eight meters high. The mountains are part of the Australian Alps. The snow usually falls in the months of June, July and August. Several endangered species can be found in the mountains, such as the Corroboreeschijnpad and the Burramys Parvus. Furthermore, there are also wild horses.


The capital of the New South Wales state is Sydney. At the time of writing, Sydney has nearly five million inhabitants. This makes it the largest city in the country. In addition, Sydney is also the oldest city. The city lies on the Tasman Sea in the southeast. Well-known Sydney buildings are, for example, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. If you want to go to the beach you should visit Bondi Beach. Other attractions include the Sydney Aquarium, Chinatown and the Royal Botanis Gardens.

Travel to Australia, Victoria

Victoria is located in the southeast and is the smallest state of the mainland. The state is named after the Queen Victoria. The four largest cities in Victoria are Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo. Victoria has many different landscapes, such as the Australian Alps, steppes and a lush plant landscape along the Murray River.


Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria. The city has beautiful festivals and you can shop well. Furthermore, it is the city to eat out and special to admire. But Melbourne also holds major sporting events such as the Australian Open and the Grand Prix. If you like old architecture, Melbourne is very worthwhile. You will find many old buildings in Victorian and Neo-Gothic style.

Great Ocean Road

This is a truly beautiful route along the south coast of Victoria. Besides amazing views over the ocean you will find nice picturesque towns on the coast. The highlight of the route are the Twelve Apostles. These are special rock formations that are especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

Philip Island

This island is known as the penguin island. It is an island with a beautiful special landscape. The penguins hold a parade every day at sunset. They then go to the beach to look for their holes. Really a very cute face. Incidentally, they are the smallest penguins in the world that live here.


This area is characteristic because of its clear blue lakes and white dunes of up to thirty-eight meters high. Here you can sail beautifully over the lakes and the rivers of Gippsland. Furthermore, there are many different bays and harbor towns where you can moor. If you are here anyway you should really visit 90 Mile Beach. This is an incredibly long white sandy beach with very high white dunes.

Australia - Grampians National Park
View from Already Lookout, Grampians National Park, Australia. You can find a license here:

Grampians National Park

This is a very popular national park. Here you can admire, among other things, the kangaroos and koalas. And furthermore you will find a very beautiful landscape consisting of mountains, cliffs and rock walls. The best time to go to Grampians National Park is in Australian spring. The park is then one big beautiful sea of flowers. In the park you will also find the MacKenzie Falls. These are very nice waterfalls. In addition, there are beautiful viewpoints in the park, such as the Already Lookout and The Balconies.

Murray River

This river is the largest river in the country. Especially the environment of the river is very beautiful. You will find, for example, red gum trees, high cliffs and colored earth. But many different colorful birds also fly around. It is certainly advisable to rent a canoe to enjoy the river. Maps and routes can generally be obtained from the canoe rental company. It is also possible to make trips of several days.

Travel to Australia, Queensland

This state is also named after Queen Victoria. The capital of Queensland is Brisbane. The north of the state is tropical and the south is subtropical. Tropic of Capricorn divides the state in two. In the north of the state you will find the triangular Cape York peninsula. Furthermore, Queensland has a long coast on the Pacific Ocean in the east. And is known for the many hours of sunshine.


Brisbane says it is clean, the climate is mild and there is a relaxed atmosphere. The city is located on the Brisbane river between hills. In the city you will find an artificial sandy beach where you can take a swim. There are many cozy markets. The active ones among us can climb the Story Bridge or Mount Coot-Tha. If you like dancing, you can dance late at night on one of the roof terraces in Fortitude Valley.

Fraser Island

This is a gigantic sand island. It seems that this island contains more sand grains than the Sahara. The beaches are beautiful white. There are also special sandstone formations and there is also rainforest. You can race across the beach at eighty kilometers per hour. I think it is a spectacular experience. You drive not only on the beach, but also on woody and bumpy dirt roads. There is also a beautiful lake called Lake McKenzie. The water of this lake is bright blue. You can swim here. That is not possible in the sea around the island, because here sharks swim and the current is very strong here.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a gigantic coral reef. This coral reef is more than two thousand kilometers long. It is beautiful to dive. There is a great biodiversity. You will find thousands of different animals, such as sharks, dolphins and turtles. And there are also thousands of different fish species. The water is incredibly clear. Even so clear that you can see more than fifty meters underwater. Can not you dive yet? No problem. You can take diving courses anywhere and get your license. Ideal for learning to dive on one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world.


Here you will find vast red plains that sometimes have not seen rain for years. It is a very impressive rough landscape. There are several routes that you can drive with a 4×4, such as the Oodnadatta Track, Gibb River Road or the Canning Stock Route. Each route has its own charm. Besides pulling with a 4×4 it is also nice to make a camel ride. Furthermore, there are national parks in the Outback such as Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park.

Daintree National Park

This park consists of the oldest rainforest in the world. You can go hiking and horse riding. You can also spend the night in the middle of the park. For the preservation of the rainforest it is on the Unesco World Heritage List. In this rainforest are trees that are more than twenty-five hundred years old. There are also thousands of different plant species, such as gigantic tall palms and beautiful flowers. Not to mention the unique animals that live here. But beware of the crocodiles you can come across here.

Travel to Australia, Western-Australia

In this part, the Dutch put their first foot ashore. Then it was called New Holland. The state consists mainly of desert. Various deserts such as the Great and Small Sand Desert, the Gibson Desert and the Great Victoria Desert. In addition to desert, Western Australia has several islands along the coast. Furthermore, gold is won between Perth and Kalgoorie. And in the far north is a mineral-rich plateau called Pilbara. Yet Western Australia has a lot to offer and that is why this state may be on your list for trips to Australia.

Australia - Purnululu National Park
Purnululu National Park in Australia. You can find a license here:

Purnululu National Park

This park is characteristic because of mystical nature. It is not very accessible, but it is beautiful. Purnululu National Park is about two hundred meters higher than the area. There are valleys and ravines that have different colors of rock. You have very special rocks in the form of beehives with black stripes. Partly for this reason, the park is on the Unesco World Heritage List. The best way to view these rocks is by helicopter. But it is also possible to view the park with a 4×4.


Broome is a coastal town in the north. Only fourteen thousand people live there. A bit similar to the place Harlingen. In the past, people mainly fished for pearls. Because people from all over the world came here to seek pearls in the past, there is a multicultural society. Now there are still pearl fishermen. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the town. There are also famous festivals, such as the Chinatown Street Party and the Dragon Boat Classic. If you want to relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, then you have to go to Cable Beach. And if you love birds, the Broome Bird Observatory is not to be missed.


Perth is the capital of Western Australia. The city is really beautiful on the Swan River. And in the east you see the hills of the Darling Ranges. For a nice view of the city you can climb the Bell Tower. In Perth you will find beautiful old buildings such as St George Cathedral. You can also shop well in Perth. If you want to rest, you can do that in Kings Park. After resting you walk through the botanical gardens in the park.

The Pinnacles

Also called Nambung National Park. The park consists of sand with thousands of limestone pillars or menhirs. These limestone pillars are remnants of fossil plant remains. It is a very strange sight. it seems like you are on some extraterrestrial landscape. Especially when the sun is low, the landscape has something very mysterious.

Australia - Ningaloo Reef
Whale Shark in Ningaloo Reef, Australia. You can find a license here:

Ningaloo Reef

This reef is located in the Ningaloo Marine Park. It is a wonderful place to dive and easily accessible as well. With good visibility you can see the coral reef from the beach. You can admire more than two hundred species of coral. In addition, there are a lot of different colorful fish. And between March and June the whale shark swims here. This shark is gigantic, but does not hurt a fly. They live off plankton and people leave them cold.

Travel to Australia, Southern-Australia

The capital of South Australia is Adelaide. The state is the driest state in the whole of Australia. Everything is dry. There are three deserts in this state, namely the Great Victoria Desert, the Simpson Desert and the Tirari Desert. But there are still many attractions such as untouched nature, unique animals, rugged mountains, culture and the beautiful coastline. That is why you pay a visit to South Australia for trips to Australia.


In Adelaide you will find beautiful parks and beautiful old buildings. It is a city that lives. There are nice cafes and impressive art festivals, such as the Festival of Arts. This festival lasts no less than three weeks. Thousands of visitors come to it. If you like museums, you will visit the South Australian Museum. Here you will find the largest exhibition of the Aboriginal culture.

Flinders Ranges

This is one of the oldest landscapes in the world. It is a mountain that consists of rugged mountains, deep valleys and many wild animals. And in between you will find the famous red earth. The Aborigines think that this area originated from primordial snakes and giants. You can make brisk walking tours there. It is also a protected area in the national park of the same name. The tours often start at Wilpena Pound Resort. Here you can also stay overnight. The best time to walk is between May and October. Because then it is not too hot.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a small town with about thirty thousand inhabitants. But there are more than four hundred thousand tourists every year. And that is not for nothing. Because Alice Springs is a great base for Kings Canyon and Uluru for example. Kings Canyon is an ancient landscape consisting of cliffs, palm trees and sandstone walls of more than one hundred meters high. Uluru is a gigantic large red rock in the middle of a flat landscape. Alice Springs also has a small center with modern shops and good restaurants.

Australia - Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy in Australia. You can find a license here:

Coober Peby

Coober Peby is an opal mining town and lies deep in the outback of southern Australia. It can be more than sixty degrees during the day and it is around freezing at night. A very large temperature difference. There are always heavy sandstorms at the beginning of the year. It is not really a picturesque place, but very special. It really gives you a feeling that you are totally in the Outback. Much of the life takes place underground. For example, there are underground churches, hotels and shops.

Travel to Australia, Tasmania

Tasmania is an island southeast of Australia. The Tasmanian wilderness is on the Unesco World Heritage list because of nature and culture. Only Tasmania still runs around the Tasmanian devil in the wild. It is an animal that eats a lot and is very cruel. But there are many more animals that only occur on Tasmania. And the air in Tasmania is one of the purest skies in the world. In short, very worthwhile for travel to Australia.


Hobart is a nice and atmospheric city. And it is the capital of Hobart. It is a very old city and that is reflected in the colonial buildings. Hobart is one of the best preserved colonial cities. That’s why it seems like you’re going back in time almost two hundred years. You must visit the market in the Salamanca district. Furthermore, Hobart is a port city divided over seven different hills. And the city lies in a beautiful environment. A very famous boat race is the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park is a large national park with mountains, lagoons and beautiful white beaches. It is located on a peninsula in the east of Tasmania. You can make beautiful walks through the beautiful nature and have a nice view at Wineglass Bay. Also you can make beautiful kayak trips. You can not only make day trips but also kayak trips of several days with a guide. You can also enjoy yourself here as a mountaineer. Especially Coles Bay find climbers very interesting.

Australia - Overland Track
The Overland Track in Tasmania. You can find a license here:

Overland Track

You will find a lot of beautiful nature on Tasmania. And what is more beautiful than walking through this nature. And that is possible. You can walk the famous Overland Track. It is a walking route of about sixty-five kilometers. And you can walk the trip in six days. You will pass Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair. This is a national park with glaciers, deep valleys, vast forests, swirling rivers and beautiful waterfalls.

Heritage Highway

A nice way to explore the island is Heritage Highway. This road runs straight through Tasmania. Along the way you encounter everything that Tasmania has to offer. You will see beautiful mountain landscapes, picturesque villages, colorful flower fields and old windmills. Especially the village Ross os very worthwhile to visit.

Travel to Australia, Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory is a small area that is self-managing. In this area lies the capital of Australia called Canberra. Furthermore, the area consists of jungle. According to the Australians, you have little to do in Canberra as a tourist. And that says enough in my eyes. Of course you can walk and shop there, as in many large cities. But I would not travel to Canberra for that. Earlier for the area outside the city. In Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve for example you can encounter the typical Australian animals, such as kangaroos, koalas and emus. And the Murrumbidgee river is very suitable for canoeing.

Travel to Australia, Northern Territory

The capital of this Northern Territory is Darwin. The Northern Territory is one big nature area. It contains the two most visited national parks in Australia, namely Kakadu National Park and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.


Uluru was formerly called Ayers Rock. It is a big red monolith. This red rock has a circumference of three point six kilometers and is three hundred and forty-eight meters high. Especially at sunrise and sunset it is wonderful to see what the light does with the rock. Nearby are the separate rocks called The Olga’s.

Australia - Kakadu National Park
Kakadu National Park in Northern Territory. You can find a license here:

Kakadu National Park

This is a beautiful national park with many treasures from the Aboriginal culture. The Kakadu National Park is on the Unesco World Heritage List. Many tourists travel through the Kakadu National Park as part of traveling to Australia. It is a very large park with very different landscapes. You see thousands of different animals and plants. Nice to know is the fact that Aboriginals rent a large part of the park to the government to use as a national park.


Arnhemland is a very special and mysterious area. And no, it is not named after Arnhem. It is named after the boat Arnhem with which Willem van Colster sailed along the coast. In Arnhemland the Aborigines have been able to live in peace for a long time. That is because of the inhospitability of the area. In 1931 it has officially become an Aboriginal reserve. That is why it is shut off from the outside world. But a limited number of people are allowed to visit the Arnhem country. And that is why it remains a beautiful inhospitable natural area.

Travel to Australia, Norfolk island

Norfolk is an island discovered by James Cook. He called the island a paradise. And that while James Cook did not quickly call an area a paradise. So that says something. From 1788 to 1854 prisoners were dropped here. But nowadays there are especially relaxed residents who enjoy nature. On Norfolk you will find pleasure, relaxation and adventure. Furthermore, you can pamper yourself considerably.

Nature Norfolk island

Norfolk island has a beautiful nature. You will find green rolling hills, a coast with lagoons and the beautiful swimming places among the rocks. Furthermore, the island has botanical gardens and beautiful picnic and barbecue places. Beautiful hiking trails have been set out in the national park.