Traveling to Asia is about the continent of Asia. I briefly describe the countries that belong to this continent. Here you will find, in particular, travel information about traveling to Asia. Unfortunately, there is no official fixed distribution of Asia. That is why my division may differ from other Asian divisions.

Travel to Asia, Northern-Asia


Mongolia is the most thinly populated country in the world. Mongolians live in the well-known Ger tents. And are very close to nature. Many tourists visit Mongolia with the Transmongolia on purpose. This is a train journey from Moscow through Mongolia to Beijing. Especially a very nice train journey. And the capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar. The landscape of Mongolia consists of high plateau, mountains and in the south desert. At the three-country point is the highest mountain, namely Tavan Bogd. This mountain is 4374 meters high.


Russia is divided into a European and Asian part. And the largest part of Russia is in Asia. Politically, Russia is European, because the capital Moscow is in Europe. In Russia you will find many old towns. Most of Russia is flat. But there are also mountains and there is a desert. Russia has about 140 national parks. The most famous islands of Russia is the Nova Zembla archipelago. This archipelago consists mainly of mountains and glaciers.

Travel to Asia, Central-Asia


In Kazakhstan you can find the Russian rocket base Baikonur Cosmodrome. And the capital of Kazakhstan is Astana. Furthermore, Kazakhstan mainly consists of desert. But the country also has several national parks. And beautiful lakes where you can fish. And many mountains, some of which are covered with eternal snow. I have to be careful to write this, because before you know it there is no more eternal snow. That is because of global warming. In winter you can at least do good winter sports.


The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan consists for a large part of mountainous landscape. In this mountainous landscape there is also a large lake called Issyk Kul. Because Kyrgyzstan is for a large part above three thousand meters, you will find many peaks with eternal snow. Also around this large lake. That is why it is wonderful to see. You expect it to be more cold, but on the contrary. The lake is just very warm. The population consists mainly of nomads and is very hospitable. In summary, Kyrgyzstan is a nice country for traveling to Asia.


The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent. The majority of the population is Islamic. That is why you will find many beautiful old mosques here. In addition, people are also Orthodox of faith. Two large rivers run through the country. The country in which the desert plays a major role. There are plenty of nightlife options in Tashkent, but drinks and food are very expensive. That’s why you really have to bring enough money. And good to know is the fact that you better not be out at night.


The untouched nature is beautiful. There are not many wintersporters here yet, while it is a snow-sure country. That is why you can ski on virgin snow slopes in the Pamir Mountains. The peaks can be seven thousand meters high, so you have to adjust for altitude sickness. There are also flowering mountain pastures, many lakes, beautiful vistas and impressive glaciers. Tajikistan also has an ancient civilization with beautiful villages and cities. In short, Tajikistan should not be missing when you travel to Asia.

reizen naar Azië -Turkmenistan

The minaret of Jam at the Hari Rud river in Turkmenistan. You can find the license here


The capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat. Turkmenistan is known for its clothing style, rugs and camels. The country mainly consists of desert. That is why the contrast with the capital is very big. Ashgabat is a very modern city and some compare the city with Las Vegas and Disneyland. The city is very rich. That is because of the natural gas industry. Because the city is very rich, you will find many beautiful buildings, lots of marble, fountains and statues.

Outside the city, the historical heritage Merv and Mary is also interesting to visit. You can also visit the crater of Derweze. Because the Russians accidentally pierced the roof of a natural gas cave, a large crater was created. Due to the danger of explosion, the Russians have put the crater on fire. But to date, the crater is still burning. It is special to see and smell. Finally, there are many more details in this country. So when you travel to Asia, Turkmenistan is one of the destinations.

Travel to Asia, Eastern-Asia


The destination when traveling to Asia is of course China. Tourists like to visit cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Canton. The landscape and the climate are very diverse. You will find, among other things, the Tibetan Highland, the Chinese lowlands, the Taklamakan desert and also many rivers. In short, there is a lot of natural beauty in China. But in addition to nature there is also a lot of culture in China. Especially worth seeing are the many temples and religious customs. The country is very big. That is why it is very difficult to make a good travel planning. Some interesting sights include the Chinese Wall, the Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City and the city of Hong Kong.


There are not many tourists in Taiwan. But it is a true paradise. Nature has something special. And the locals are very friendly and hospitable. You can walk mountains, visit colonial cities. You can also make a nice route along the coast. Or relax on the beautiful beaches. As part of traveling to Asia, Taiwan is not to be missed. All the more because you can eat well and have beautiful nature. Finally, Taiwan also has beautiful islands with heat sources.

South Korea

The capital of South Korea is Seoul. South Korea consists for the most part of mountains. Furthermore, there are a few cities. But these cities are incredibly big. Seoul is even the second largest city in the world. Among other things, the beaches are very crowded in the summer. But there are a number of national parks that are worth a visit. Or you can go to one of the subtropical islands.


Japan can not be ignored when traveling to Asia. This country consists of one large island and thousands of smaller islands. At the islands you can especially dive and enjoy the beaches. The capital of Japan is Tokyo. In the larger cities you will find temples and beautiful historic parks. In Japan you can experience a lot about, for example, imperial powers, Buddhism and Chinese influences. If you want to visit temples, you have to go to the temple complex Todai-ji.

Travel to Asia, Southeastern- Asia


Brunei has many oil and gas fields. That is why the country is very rich. You will find many large palaces. And the country has no tax system. But as a tourist I do not think so. Brunei also has beautiful nature reserves. There are pristine stretches of tropical rainforest. And on the beaches of Brunei you can dive nicely because of the coral reefs and the colorful fish species. There are also national parks, such as the Bako National Park.


In Cambodia beautiful temple complexes can be seen, such as the temples at Angkor Wat. There is a tropical monsoon climate. That is why it is around thirty degrees throughout the year. And it regularly rains very hard. Tourists go to Cambodia because of nature, culture and beautiful beaches. But also the Buddhist temples of Bayon. And if you have a strong stomach you can continue to the Killing Fields. It is a monument with hundreds of skulls of tortured prisoners.


The Philippines is a very beautiful country and the population is very friendly. For example, the rice fields of Ifuago are on the Unesco World Heritage List. You can also go canoeing on the rivers. But also a visit to the chaotic city of Manila is worthwhile. If you like special nature, then the Chocolate Hills in Bohol are truly magnificent. For the sports enthusiasts, there is plenty to do in the Philippines. You can dive for an eternity and snorkel. And make beautiful walks.


In the winter you can look up the winter sun in Indonesia. It is then on average twenty-nine degrees. Popular islands of Indonesia include Bali, Lombok and Java. You can enjoy the sun, sea and beach on these islands. But Indonesia has a lot more to offer. There are also, for example, very beautiful palaces and temples that you can visit. In addition, there are also beautiful festivals such as Galungan-Kuningan. Furthermore, there are beautiful temple complexes, such as Borobudur. And you can visit the city of Flowers. This city is called Malang. But there is also a beautiful national park called Lore Lindi National Park. As last I write that the volcano Bromo is worth a visit. But this is not everything. Indonesia is a wonderful destination for travel to Asia.


If you want to relax, then Laos is the right country. The country has one of the most unspoiled nature in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, their own culture is still largely intact. The population is also very friendly and hospitable. It was not known to me, but Laos is very popular among tourists. Certainly a country that you can visit when you travel to Asia. Loas has no ancient ruins such as Cambodia or beautiful beaches such as Vietnam. But it has a certain mystical peace, authenticity and beautiful nature. For example, you can sail over the Mekong, drive a route through the mountains or explore the region with the scooter.

Asia - Maleisië
Pulau Payar in Malaysia. You can find a license here:


Malaysia has beautiful culture, unspoiled nature and white sand beaches. The best time to travel to Malaysia is in the months of June, July and August. Because this is the driest period. Normally it rains a lot in Malaysia. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. A beautiful old place is Malacca. This place is on the Unesco World Heritage list because there are many historical foreign influences that determine the face of the city. Furthermore, you will find yourself as a nature lover in Borneo or in the Cameron Highlands. So for travel to Asia you also book a trip to Malaysia.


In Myanmar, the population is, as in Laos, very friendly and hospitable. Tourist attractions include the temples of Bagan, the city of Yangon and Lake Inle Lake. In Bagan you can find thousands of temples. You can best discover Bagan with a scooter. Lake Inle Lake is touristy and has therefore lost some of its authenticity. But it is still worth it with a boat to pull out.

East Timor

East Timor has been a colony of Portugal. There are pristine parks and vast white sandy beaches. you can also dive. You will find beautiful corals, beautiful fish, turtles and dolphins, for example. It seems that Atauro Island is one of the best dive sites in the world. You will find mountains in the interior. Hikers will get their money’s worth here. It is best to make a trek from Maubisse to the summit of Mount Ramelau. You will also find a lot of colonial architecture.


Singapore is a very safe city. This is due in part to the strict laws and high penalties. That is why you as a tourist can quietly explore the city everywhere. If you want to pick up a terrace, then the Singapore River quay is the perfect spot. You can also visit the Hawker centers. This is a market with eateries. The local way to eat out. But also a visit to Sentosa Island is impressive. Here are beautiful beaches, beautiful resorts and fun theme parks. You come with a monorail.

Asia - Thailand
Royal crematorium of King Rama IX in Thailand. You can find a license here


Thailand is particularly known for its beautiful sandy beaches and great food. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. You can visit Bangkok because of the emerald Buddha, the nightlife and Chinatown. There are also a lot of Buddhist temples. For beautiful white sand beaches and the azure blue sea you have to go to Koh Chang. You can also dive very nicely here. Chalk cliffs, beautiful waterfalls and green hills are characteristic of the island of Phuket. Furthermore, the hot springs of San Kamphaeng are worth a visit. And this is by no means all that Thailand has to offer. So if you are going to travel to Asia, then a visit to Thailand is recommended.


Especially considering the history of Vietnam, it is a special destination. But in addition to history, Vietnam also has a lot of culture and a beautiful landscape. Interesting are, for example, the rice fields, the city of Saigon and a number of shrines. But nature is also beautiful. For example, a beautiful bay is Halong Bay. You can sail along beautiful rocks and beautiful beaches. Furthermore, the imperial city of Thăng Long is impressive to visit. This city was built around the fourteenth century.

Travel to Asia, Southern-Asia


Many sights were lost during the many wars. The country mainly consists of desert. But also has large expanses of lakes. Tourism is almost completely silent because of the persistent unrest.


Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The country is very poor. In addition, Bangladesh suffers from floods, tornadoes and tidal waves every year. Bangladesh is the land of the rivers. The most famous river is the river Ganges. Furthermore, you will find the widest beach in the world, namely Inani Beach.


Bhutan is a fairly thinly populated country. The country is very mountainous. It is said to be one of the most mountainous countries in the world. In the north there are many mountain peaks that are higher than six thousand meters. These tops are covered with eternal snow and glaciers. The capital of Bhutan is Thimphu.

Asia - India
Tomb of Akbar in India. You can find a license here:


Well, if one country should not be missing when traveling to Asia, then it is India. It is a very busy populated country with many colors and smells. You will find many temples, Tibetan monasteries and palaces. But there is also a lot of beautiful nature, such as tigers, beautiful rivers and the Himalaya mountains. Furthermore, there are many beautiful festivals to be part of. Festivals such as the Diwali festival or the Ganesh Chaturthi. Obviously the mausoleum to visit is the Taj Mahal. And there are also many beautiful palaces in Rajasthan. Of course, there are no national parks. An example of a beautiful national park is Kanha National Park.


If you like sun, sea, beach and luxury, then you have to go to the Maldives. For that reason you can make the Maldives part of traveling to Asia. There are many luxurious water villas built on wooden poles. Many people see this as the ideal way to spend a romantic holiday. Usually you can see the fish swimming through the floor. You can dive and snorkel in the Maldives. Because there are many corals and beautiful fish species.


Nepal is located in the Himalayas and has largely unspoiled rugged nature. In the Royal Bardiya National Park you can admire this beautiful rugged nature. Here you can also see the wild animals of Nepal. Nepal also has a rich culture. The history of Nepal goes back to five hundred years before Christ. Religion here is mostly of Hindu or Buddhist nature. That is why there are many temples and pilgrimage species. The nature of Nepal is particularly known for the Kathmandu valley, the Himalayas and Mount Everest.


Pakistan has for mountains and desert. The Himalayas are in the north and the Kirtharge mountains in the south. There is a lot of desert in between. There are many beaches along the coast of Pakistan. And one beach is particularly well known, namely Manora. There are many wrecks of ships on and on this beach. I really think that is a horrible sight.

Sri Lanka

Religion is very important in Sri Lanka. Everywhere you can find temples, stupas, holy statues and many different prayer houses. Tourists mainly go to Sri Lanka because of the beautiful nature and holy cities such as Kandy and Anuradhapura. In the south you will find the city of Galle. In this city you will find Dutch influences. It is a beautiful city to visit among other things because of the fort. A beautiful national park is the Sinharaja reserve. Very worthwhile to visit because of the mammals, reptiles, birds and people living in clay cabins.

Travel to Asia, Southwestern-Asia


Armenia is in the Caucasus and is the oldest Christian state in the world. That is why there are very old monasteries to admire. Monasteries such as Khor Virab, Geghard and Haghpat). The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. Nature consists of green mountains, gorges, grass plains and volcanoes. Furthermore, there are nomadic villages. Lake Sevan is also worth a visit.


The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku. If you like carpets, you really have to go to Azerbaijan. Furthermore, the country has many oil and gas fields. In terms of nature you will find many mountains and volcanoes here. And there are nice medieval villages in the Caucasus. But also the beautiful historic temple Atesgah is worth a visit.


Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Bahrain. The capital of Bahrain is Manama. Bahrain is a rich oil state. That is why you will find many luxury hotels on the coast and beautiful beaches. In the sea around Bahrain you can dive to coral reefs and large oysters. Divers also look for pearls that can be found in the oyster shells. In the cities you will find mainly high skyscrapers and gigantic shopping centers. But also beautiful mosques, such as the Al-Fatih Mosque.


Cyprus is divided in two. The Turkish Cypriots live in the north and the original Cypriots in the south. The southern part is also called Greek Cyprus. You can visit one of the oldest cities in the world, called Choirokoitia. This city was from seven thousand years BC. If you want to walk, cycle or enjoy nature, then the Troodos Mountains are a great destination. Here you will also find the monasteries Kykkos and Troöditissa. There is also an attractive little harbor in Paphos that is worth a visit.

Asia - Georgië
Shahara summit in Georgia. You can find the license here


Georgia is a very beautiful country with a beautiful nature, charming villages and very hospitable people. The land is indispensable for travel to Asia. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Mtskheta is a beautiful old town with many beautiful old buildings such as the Svetitschoveli cathedral. This cathedral is also on the Unesco World Heritage List. In the north of Georgia you will find the Ganisi Mountains. You can paraglide, ski and snowboard here. But you can also make beautiful walks here.


The capital of Iran is Tehran. Formerly the country was called Persia. Throughout the country there are ancient temples, palaces, castles and ruins. And of course there are also many old mosques. Iran consists for a large part of mountains and desert. There are a number of beautiful beaches. Iran also has national parks. In these parks you can admire, among other things, the rare cheetah.


Israel is a holy state for the Jews. Especially the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is sacred to them. The Christian and Islamic religions also find this place sacred. The three religions are so close to each other anywhere in the world. Tourists often visit the country because of its cultural and religious history. Israel has a lot to offer in that area. That is why Israel is on your list when you travel to Asia. You can also enjoy floating in the Dead Sea. The salt content is so high that you stay afloat.


Hopefully many impressive mosques can still be found in Yemen. I hope to write because there is a war at the time of writing. According to say, the Yemen have built the first skyscraper. In the early days, these mud skyscrapers were about six stories high. Yemen consists for a large part of desert. In the south you will find beautiful sandy beaches, volcanoes and geysers. You can also dive beautifully.


In Jordan you will find, among other things, the city of Petra. The city is chopped from red colored rocks. The Nabataeans built the city in the Siq gorge. Petra belongs to one of the seven world wonders. A reason to add Jordan to travel to Asia. There is also beautiful nature in Jordan and beautiful mountains. These mountains are good to climb. Especially in the mountains of Wadi Rum you can climb well. But also the petroglyph is certainly worth seeing. In Quseir Amra you will find a desert castle from the eighth century.


The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait. Kuwait also has a few islands off the coast. Kuwait is a rich country because of oil extraction. The country consists for the most part of desert. In Kuwait it is very dry and warm. The temperature can reach up to fifty degrees. That is why hardly any animals live. But Kuwait does have a number of beautiful harbors and beautiful beaches.

Asia - Libanon
Road from Baalbek to Bcharre in Lebanon. You can find a license here


In Lebanon you can find Roman buildings such as temples, castles and churches. Lebanon also has a beautiful nature. You will find, for example, waterfalls, caves and long sandy beaches. You can dive well along the coast. The capital of Lebanon is Beirut. This city is also called the Monaco of Asia. You can also enjoy delicious food in Lebanon. Important attractions include the Jeita Caves, the Al Shouf Cedar nature reserve, the Jupiter and Bacchus temples in Baalbak. All in all a country that is very worthwhile to travel to Asia.


Oman consists mainly of desert. But it also has green areas, rugged mountains and beautiful oases. The people of Oman are quite open. In Wadi Shab you can walk beautifully. It is a nature reserve with beautiful rockeries and beautiful waterfalls. The capital of Oman is Muscat. Here is the beautiful Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Furthermore, there are beautiful parks and museums in the capital. A nice museum is the Musqat Gate. In this museum you can experience the history of Oman. At the foot of the Djabal Achdar mountain range you will find Fort Bahla. This fort is made of clay and is on the Unesco World Heritage List. In addition, there are several archaeological sites in Oman. Add everything up and you have a wonderful destination for traveling to Asia.


Unfortunately, I can not write much about Palestine at the moment. There are constantly unrest. And it is not recommended to visit Palestine.


Qatar is a peninsula on the Persian Gulf. There is a desert climate. So even in the winter it is nice to stay with temperatures of over twenty degrees. You can stroll along the beaches and enjoy the luxury hotels. The capital of Qatar is Doha. There is an old fort named Al Koot Fort. The fort had to protect the Waqif Souq against thieves. Now it is a museum. Camel races are organized every weekend outside the city. This is truly a unique event to experience. In the desert of Khor Al Udaid you can make sandboarding and a jeep safari. All in all a destination for trips to Asia that is very worthwhile.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a very prosperous country and consists for a large part of desert. The country is rich because there is a lot of petroleum present. You will find two important holy places for Islam, namely Mecca and Medina. If you are not a Muslim you can not be in these places. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has two long coastlines on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Especially in the Red Sea you can dive nicely to coral reefs and beautiful colorful fish.


Syria has a very long history. The capital of Syria is Damascus. This is also the oldest inhabited city in the world. There are also other beautiful old cities such as Bosra, Aleppo and Palmyra. Normally you will find castles, monasteries, temples, Roman theaters and other very old buildings. But the war has destroyed a lot, so whether it is worthwhile to visit remains to be seen. Furthermore, Syria mainly consists of desert. There is also a small coastline. But the sea is so polluted there that you can not swim there.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates consists of seven different emirates. Dubai is one of the most famous emirates. Another known and also the most big is Abu Dhabi. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. Here you will also find the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. This mosque is called the Sheikh Zayed mosque. You can also make a safari through the deserts of Dubai.