Most people think of traveling to America to the United States. But America is much bigger than the US. America consists of South America, Central America and North America. On this page I briefly discuss the countries that belong to the continent of America.

Travel to America, Northern-America

Traveling to America is also traveling to North America. North America consists of the following countries. I describe the most popular destinations under each country.

America - noord-amerika
Bisons in or around Grand Teton National Park. License:


Canada is the second largest country in the world. And has a lot of beautiful nature. Icefields Parkway is one of the roads that you must have ridden. It is a beautiful mountain road. You will encounter rivers, glaciers and canyons. It is a nice quiet route with enough possibilities to stop. The Niagara Falls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The water falls about 60 meters down. These waterfalls are about 1.6 kilometers wide. Very impressive. Furthermore, Banff National Park is a breathtakingly beautiful park with mountains, pine trees, rivers and glaciers.

If you like museums, you must pass the National Gallery of Canada. In it you will find sculptures, photographs and paintings. It is mainly Canadian art that is here. A beautiful city on the west coast of Canada is Vancouver. The city lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. In short, if you are traveling to America Canada can not miss.


Greenland can not miss out on trips to America. This country is part of Denmark. But has a status separate. That is why it is not part of the European Union. Very worthwhile is the national holiday on 21 June. The holiday is also called Ullortuneq. It is celebrated with great festive and cultural activities. There are marquees and choirs. In Frederikshab you can find the historical museum Paamiut. It is a museum about the history of Greenland. There is also an old goat stable, old houses. So you can see how people used to live. You can also make an organized whale safari in Frederikshab. You can also see huge whales jumping out of the water. A unique experience.

United States

When traveling to America you often think of traveling to the United States. And that is also logical. Because this is by far the most popular destination of the continent of America. The United States consists of 52 different states. And can be divided into regions the Atlantic coast, the mountain range Appalachians, the Mississippi plain, the Rocky Mountains and the East coast. So if you are going to travel to America, a trip to the US can not be missed.

Travel to America, Central-America

Traveling to America is also traveling to Central America. Central America consists of the following countries. Below I describe the countries and their most popular destinations.

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Tikal National Park in Central America. License:

American virgin islands

The US Virgin Islands are in the Caribbean Ocean. The capital is Charlotte Amalie. US Virgin Islands are very suitable for a beach holiday. Because of the clear water you can enjoy diving and snorkeling.


Anguilla belongs to the United Kingdom. And falls under the archipelago the Lesser Antilles. Anguilla is the ideal sun, sea and beach vacation destination. The most beautiful white sandy beaches can be found along Shoal Bay Eats and Meads Bay. Furthermore, the coral reef is very popular among the divers.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are two different islands in the Caribbean Sea. To Antigua you go for the beautiful harbors, water sports and the national park. And to Barbuda you mainly go for your rest. The Fort James at St. John’s is at the entrance to the harbor of Saint John. From this fort you have a nice view over the harbor. At Indian Town Point you can find a natural rock arch. This rock arch is in the Devil’s Bridge National Park. Codrington Lagoon lagoon lies west of the island of Barbuda. The shallow part of this lagoon is the walhalla for birds. Almost two hundred different species of birds live there. When traveling to America you should visit Antigua and Barbuda.


Aruba is an independent island that belongs to our beautiful Kingdom of the Netherlands. And is especially popular because of the beautiful beaches and good hotels. Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba. This city is very colorfully built in Caribbean style. Also worth a visit. Arikok National Park nature park is best visited with a four-wheel drive car. You will find, among other things, the Natural Pool, the Fountain Cave and dozens of injection holes. The Bubali Bird Sanctuary consists of two freshwater lakes. That is why you suffer a lot from mosquitoes at sunset. You can spot the more than eighty species of birds from a viewing tower.


The Bahamas consist of seven hundred islands. You have very nice sandy beaches and an impressive underwater world. That is why the Bahamas are very popular among divers. The Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is located on about 360 islands and is located in the middle of the Bahamas. There you can snorkel. Pink Sands Beach is a kilometer-long pink beach. And it is on Harbor Island. On Grand Bahama island you will find the most beautiful nature parks. You can also meet dolphins here under supervision. Both in a lagoon and in the wild. A narrow strip of land splits the blue Atlantic Ocean and the turquoise Caribbean Sea near the island of Euleuthera. The Glass Window Bridge can be found in the narrowest part. A very beautiful natural wonder.


Barbados is an elongated island. It is about twice as large as Texel. The British have ruled there for more than three hundred years. That’s why you come across many British names. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown. In addition to the underwater world, caves are the biggest attractions. Animal Flower Cave is one of the beautiful caves. You have to pay entrance fee for that. Much more expensive is Harrison’s Cave. But that is also worth it. With a train you go underground and you get a tour through the caves.


Belize borders Mexico and Guatemala. It is the smallest country in Central America. The capital of Belize is Belmopan. The coasts of Belize are known for the coral reefs. You can dive and snorkel well. Furthermore, the white beaches and palm trees are not lacking. In the west you will find the most beautiful Maya temples. Xunantunich is a complex of 26 temples and palaces. But there are other Maya complexes such as Caracol, Altun Ha and Santa Rita. Furthermore, the caves of Actun Tunichil Muknal belong to the Mayan culture in Belize. You can take a nice walk there. But be on your guard. Because the Mayans had sinister habits. Such as exhibiting skeletons. Belize also belongs when it comes to traveling to America.


Bonaire is the easternmost island of the ABC islands. It is a quiet island. Especially the tourists come to relax. Furthermore to dive and enjoy nature. Washington Slagbaai National Park is a nature reserve. You can take a tour with your mountain bike. And a tour with the car is also recommended. You will find many rock formations, chalk ridges and cooled lava flows. Saliñas are salt lakes. This is mainly found in the north of the Washington Slagbaai National Park. Bonaire is a very important salt supplier. The Butterfly Garden is located in the southeast of Bonaire. Besides the most beautiful butterflies you will also find many beautiful exotic flowers, birds and lizards.

British Virginislands

The British Virgin Islands are part of the British Kingdom. These consist of dozens of islands. The capital is Road Town. In the waters around the British Virgin Islands you can practice diving, snorkeling and other water sports. The most beautiful car route on the British Virgin Islands is Ridge Road. Beautiful landscapes and views characterize this autoroute. But it is not an easy ride. The viewpoint and the ride to Copper Mine Point are magnificent. It is best to rent a Jeep for it.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica borders Panama and Nicaragua. The capital is San José. Costa Rica is best known for its volcanoes. Furthermore, you will find rain forests, mangroves and tropical beaches. On the Sarapiqui river you can go rafting and kayaking. But be on your guard. Because you can encounter caimans and crocodiles here. The Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal is northwest of San José. There are also several places with beautiful viewpoints. The Arenal volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. That is why it is very worth watching the outbursts in the evening. Part of traveling to America must also be Costa Rica.


Curaçao is an island in the Caribbean Sea. This country belongs to our Kingdom of the Netherlands. But has been independent since 2010. Tourists come to relax and sunbathe. The capital of Curaçao is Willemstad. From Otrabanda you have a beautiful view of the colored houses on the Handelskade. You can sail with the pound. You can also visit the Kura Hulanda museam. This museum focuses primarily on the origin of man, the African slave trade, gold and Antillean art. In the Ostrich Farm you can ride an Ostrich. And it will surprise you how hard an Ostrich can run. But if you do not dare to ride an Ostrich you can also feed them. Rif Fort was formerly the watchtower for the protection of the port. But now you will find many luxury shops, art galleries and lovely terraces.


Cuba is located south of Florida in the Caribbean Sea. The capital of Cuba is Havana. Cubans live for music and dance. You must have visited the kilometer-long boulevard Malecon in Havana. Many historic buildings can be admired in the Havan Vieja district. Valle de Viñales are mountains with a special shape. These mountains resemble elephant ridges. Valle de Viñales is located in the Parque Nacional. And you can climb well and make beautiful walks. Topes de Collantes is a beautiful nature area. There you can make beautiful walks. You will pass waterfalls, rock formations and underground rivers. The more experienced hikers can walk to beautiful viewpoints. But also for the less experienced hiker there are beautiful walks.

America - guatemala
Highlands in Guatemala. License:


Haiti is a country in the Caribbean Sea. This island is the western side of the island of Hispaniola. The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince. Other major cities are Carrefour, Delmas and Cap-Haïtien. With an area of ​​27,750 square kilometers, Haiti is about the same size as Belgium. You will also find erratic rocky coasts, white beaches and plains. Sugar cane and coffee is grown on this. Choose Haiti for traveling to America.


In Honduras you can see the Mayan culture throughout the country. That is why the country is also known. Many people still live according to Maya customs. And there are many ancient temples and ruins to be found. Honduras also has many beaches that you can compare the Caribbean white palm tree beaches. In addition, you will find rainforest, banana plantations and waterfalls in the national parks. These national parks are known for the unique animals such as jaguars and sloths.


The Caribbean island of Jamaica is known for the rum, the white palm tree beaches. Not to mention reggae. But Jamaica also has very beautiful nature. Such as a mountain landscape, tropical forests and beautiful waterfalls. Therefore it is very worthwhile to leave the beach and your hotel to enjoy nature. Jamaica is not to be missed for journeys to America.

Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are islands in the west of the Caribbean. These islands together form the Cayman Islands. Especially for divers, the Cayman Islands are a popular destination. But also people who love peace and nature can enjoy themselves. Furthermore, you can practice various water sports here. The islands are well distinguishable from each other. Grand Cayman is the largest and most touristic island. On island Cayman Brac you will find rugged rock formations. That is why it is quite strenuous to walk here. But the effort is rewarded with very nice views. Little Cayman has a lot of untouched nature. And there are wonderful quiet beaches. If you go diving here you will encounter octopuses, sharks, turtles or eagle rays.


The island of Martinique is located in the Caribbean Sea. This island is part of the Windward Islands. Furthermore, the island belongs to the small Antilles. And it is part of France. The capital is Fort-de-France. There are luxury stores. And there is a nice park called Park Savanne. You can also visit the Saint-Louis cathedral. The highest point of the island is the volcano Mont Pelée. This volcano erupted in 1902. Which killed 30,000 people from the town of Saint-Pierre.


Mexico is a Latin American country. And the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. Because Mexico borders the US, Mexico is a favorite holiday destination for Americans. On the other hand, many Mexicans flee to the US. Mexico has beautiful beaches and a beautiful Mayan culture. That is why many Dutch tourists go to Mexico. Because the temperature in the winter is also very pleasant, many people go to Mexico in the winter for the sun. So definitely plan Mexico for travel to America.


Montserrat belongs to the United Kingdom. This island is located in the Caribbean Sea. The capital is Plymouth. But here is not the government. That is in Brades. This is due to the volcanic eruption of the Soufrière volcano. Because of the volcanic eruption, Plymouth has become a ghost town. Many tourists visit Montserrat because of the ghost town. The coast consists of rock formations, sandy beaches and clear blue water. There are many coral reefs with beautiful colors. This makes Montserrat very suitable for diving and snorkeling. Furthermore, in the interior you will find mainly rain forests.

America - montserrat
Volcanic cross in the Belham River Valley in Montserrat. License:


Nicaragua lies between Honduras and Costa Rica. In addition, the country also borders two seas. Namely the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Not many people know Nicaragua as a holiday destination. Slowly tourists begin to discover the country. Because it used to be often uneasy. Because of the dictatorial military display of power. If you love nature and culture, Nicaragua is a beautiful destination. Because of the volcanic landscape there is a lot of biodiversity. There are very large parks, such as Indio-Maíz Biological Reserve and Reserve Bosawá. These are very suitable for beautiful walks through the jungle.

Because of their historical value, the cities of Granada, León Vieja, Chichigalpa and Masaya are worth a visit. In summary, a beautiful and interesting destination for traveling to America.


The landscape of Panama is very varied. There are dry, flat soils, rain forests, swampy coastal plains and cloud forests. That is why Panama is a certainty for traveling to America. Panama consists of 9 provinces and 5 Indian communities. You call these communities comarca.

The Panama Canal runs right through Panama. This channel connects the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean. Because of this channel you no longer have to sail around South America. That is why the channel is very important for transport. In addition, the channel is the separation between North and South America. Since the 16th century, various attempts have been made to dig the canal. In the end it succeeded in 1914.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island in the east of the Caribbean Sea. This island is a free state of the USA. And belongs to the Greater Antilles. The capital city of Puerto Rico is San Juan. Almost half of this city consists of water. On the other hand, it is the largest city in Puerto Rico. You pay here with the American dollar.

Puerto Rico has a very diverse landscape. And is therefore very beautiful. There are also white beaches with palms, mountains, rolling hills and tropical rainforests. And it seems that there is even a piece of desert. The Cordillera Central mountain range runs through the middle of the island.


Saba is an island in the Caribbean Sea. And is known for its beautiful nature. Characteristic are the rain forests and the mountain ranges. Mount Scenery is the highest point of Saba. And at the same time also the highest point of the Netherlands Antilles. Tourists go to Saba to climb Mount Scenery, or to dive. Saba Marine Park is designed for divers. Furthermore you will encounter tropical fish, colorful coral reefs and various shark species. Saba is also known for the large population of bats.

Saint Barthélemy

Saint-Barthélemy is peace and enjoyment. There are many beautiful luxury yachts in the marina. There is also a beautiful pebble beach. The nature reserves of Grand Fond are also recommended. You can make a long horseback ride in the Anse des Flamands. And diving among the sea turtles in Saint-Jean. When it comes to traveling to America, Saint-Barthélemy should not be missed.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

According to say, the sun always shines here. Saint Kitts and Nevis have volcanic mountains and rainforests. These islands have a beautiful coast with white sandy beaches and blue water. Here you can dive and snorkel. A few hundred ships have been lost here. Of which only slightly more than 10 have been discovered. Plenty of opportunity to dive on wrecks. In addition, there are many colorful fish and coral reefs. Furthermore you can play golf and cricket.

Saint Lucia

St. Lucia is a tropical paradise, an island located between Martinique and St. Vincent. On the island you will encounter the Pitons. These are two volcano mountains. These are included in the Unesco World Heritage List. Furthermore, the landscape of the island is beautiful with white sandy beaches. This island is a location where many people keep their honeymoon. And that is not for nothing. It seems to be an island where the romance flourishes.

America - saint lucia
The Pitons on Saint Lucia. License:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines must not be missing as destinations for trips to America. This group of islands consists of 32 islands. Most of which are uninhabited. The capital is Kingstown. On the islands you will find mountains and white tropical sand beaches. And of course clear blue seawater in which you can dive and snorkel. Furthermore, there are many different tropical birds. You will also find whales and dolphins there. On the main island of Saint Vincent is also a volcano, several waterfalls and a salt water lake.

St. Eustatius

St. Eustatius is the second smallest island in the Netherlands Antilles. And belongs together with Saba and St. Maarten to the Windward Islands. Diving on St. Eustatius is a special experience. There are special tropical fish, colorful corals and the grand canyon underwater. Furthermore you can dive all year round on many different dive sites. There are also pinnacles and steep walls underwater. If you like a firm walk, you can climb the dormant volcano Quill. The walls of the volcano are covered with tropical rainforest. And you can make a descent up to 275 meters above sea level in the crater. St. Eustatius is also excellent for rest, culture, nature and relaxation. There is no lively nightlife.

St Martin

Sint Maarten is the smallest island in the world. It belongs to two countries. Namely France and the Netherlands. The northern part is from France and the southern part of the Netherlands. The French part is mainly for those seeking tranquility. And if you want to enjoy shopping or culture, you can go to the capital Philipsburg. The climate is wonderful. The beaches are pearl white. Furthermore, you can dive endlessly.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago lie off the northeast coast of Venezuela. Jazz, birds and beaches characterize these islands. On the beaches of these islands you can swim, snorkel and dive. The Maracas Bay on Trinidad is popular among families. You can sail to Buccoo Reef in a glass bottom boat. This is possible for the beach of Pigeon Point on the west coast of Tobago. You can also see colorful fish swimming between the shallow coral of Nylon Pool. And spot wild animals when you go hiking through the rainforest in Tobago called Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Trinidad and Tobago are islands for travel to America destinations to plan.

Travel to America, Southern-America

South America is part of America. So traveling to America is also traveling to South America. Below you will find a short description of the countries in South America.

America - zuid-amerika
Bariloche, Patagonia in Argentina, South America. License:


Argentina is close to the south pole. In this country they speak Spanish. Argentina has very beautiful nature. With, among other things, beautiful animals, lots of rain forests, glaciers, mountains and rivers. Argentina also has many national parks. Because of the beautiful nature, these are all worth a visit. In Argentina, the Inca culture has been dominated for centuries. Much of the culture has been destroyed by the Spaniards. But now Argentina is trying to secure as much of the Inca culture as possible. Skyscrapers are a beautiful skyline in the big cities. In general, the big cities are modern. Furthermore you will find stylish colonial buildings, ancient cathedrals, and attractive squares in the centers of the old towns.


Bolivia was once the richest colony of the Spanish Empire. And once Bolivia was the center of Indian civilization. Bolivia is also colorful and multicultural. The Aymaras and Quecha`s belong to the majority of the population. In terms of nature Bolivia consists of high plains, eastern lowlands and valleys. On the border of Bolivia and Peru lies Lake Titicaca. This is the second largest lake in South America. In the west of Bolivia lies the largest salt flats in the world, Salar de Uyuni. The capital is Sucre. In the west of Bolivia lies the Andes Mountains. With a height of 6542 m, the Nevado Sajama is the highest peak.


For travel to America, Brazil is a country you have to plan. Because of football, the famous beach Copacabana, especially the image of Christ or the Brazilian Carnival, you know Brazil. Brazil is very popular.

Sixty percent of the Amazon rainforest can be found in Brazil. If you want to visit a city, go to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Salvador. Historic city centers alternate with stretched beaches. You can also visit ecological nature parks. And enjoy the vibrant nightlife.


Especially Chile has a varied landscape. This is due, among other things, to the different climates and the elongated shape of the country. Chile is 4000 km long and a maximum of 150 km wide. Chile protects its nature through the creation of numerous nature parks. For many tourists the nature parks are the main goal. There are many animals and plants that you will not encounter anywhere else. Especially along the desert coast and in the rain forests you will find unique plants and animals.

In the Chilean cities there is a fairly European atmosphere. The Spanish influence is still dominant in church, language and customs. The Chilean has a deep respect for cultural traditions. Furthermore, the population has a great interest in politics, literature and art. Most Chileans are also very friendly.


Colombia is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Various museums, sites and historic buildings can be visited in various places. They remind us of the time that Indians and Spaniards ruled. Apart from this rich culture, Colombia has beautiful national parks, a lot of biodiversity and enchanting beaches. But also a wonderful climate.


When you travel to America, Ecuador is part of the trip. First, you will find snow-capped peaks and hot beaches. Ecuador can be divided into 4 areas. Firstly the Sierra de la Sierra, secondly the lowland Oriente, third the Costa coast and fourthly the Galápagos Islands. Ecuador has been a banana republic. But by the discovery of petroleum in 1967 this changed. The Andes mountains are typical of Ecuador. All in all a beautiful country.

French Guyana

French Guiana is not geared towards tourists. The roads are bad and the hotels are poor. But French Guiana has very beautiful nature. The largest part is tropical rainforest. Even a part of the Amazon rainforest can be found in French Guyana. The coast consists mainly of mangrove forests. So no nice white palm beaches, unfortunately. Furthermore, French Guiana is known for launch center Spatial Guyanais of the ESA and because of the nearby Île du Diable. This island served as a place of exile for criminals from 1852 to 1946. There are still traces of this.


Guyana has an untouched forest. That forest leads to the Amazon basin. Large parts of the jungle are almost unexplored. And many rivers have not even been mapped. If you want to go fishing, these are ideal rivers. Furthermore you will find mountains and savannas. There are beautiful waterfalls. The population is hospitable and speaks English. Guyana is also very rewarding for nature lovers. There are more than 800 bird species. If you want to climb a mountain you can do this on the mountain Roraima. This mountain forms the border between Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil.


Paraguay is known for its beautiful nature. There are rain forests, national parks, rivers and waterfalls. Rare animal species such as the giant anteater and the navel hog are found in the forests of Gran Chaco. Furthermore, there are many different bird species. Including 21 different papengaais. The country is also known for the production of ceramics and the Jesuit mission posts in the south of the country.

America - paraguay
Salto Cristal Yvyku’i National Park in Paraguay. License:


Peru is on the west coast of South America. And has a very diverse landscape, different cultures and a rich history. The culture of the Incas plays a major role in this. For centuries this Indian people dominated the country and their culture has been able to develop visibly. You can hardly escape a part of the Inca culture. Because you definitely have to visit the secret city of Machu Picchu. Also worth visiting are the beautiful national parks. Because if you love nature, Peru is definitely worth it. If you like more action, you can go rafting, sandboarding in the sand dunes at Huacachina or hiking.


Suriname consists for a large part of jungle. Because in Suriname you will find a del part of the Amazon region. Many animal species such as monkeys, jaguars, sloths and giant anteaters are found here. Suriname also has many nature reserves and beautiful waterfalls. On the coast you will find beautiful sandy beaches with palm trees. You still encounter Dutch influences throughout the country. In addition, Dutch is the most widely used language in the country. Surinamese people are hospitable people.


Uruguay is a small country in South America. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean. The Uruguayans love lumps of meat. These lumps are almost only prepared on barbecues. Uruguay has beautiful nature, wonderful beaches and nice cities. These cities are worth visiting. An example of a nice nice city is the capital Montevideo. But also places like Colonia del Sacramento, Punta del Diablo, Salto, Cabo Polonio, the chic Punta del Este and the industrial city Fray Bentos are nice to visit. Furthermore Uruguay produces a lot of wine.


Venezuela is a country where the sun often shines. There the sun shines about 350 days. That’s unbelievable. You will find lowland and mountains. The highest point is Mount Pico Bolivar in the Andes. This mountain is 5007 meters high. Venezuela also has the highest waterfall in the world called the Ángel waterfall. This waterfall is 979 meters high. On the coast you will find beautiful sandy beaches with clear blue water. Here you can dive and snorkel.

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are mountainous, rugged and mostly covered with ice. That is why the islands are largely inhabited. In South Georgia, 11 mountains are higher than 2000 meters. The highest mountain is with 2934 meters of Mount Paget. Some of the Southern Sandwich Islands are of volcanic origins. And are still active. You will find a large number of animals. Including king penguins, fur seals, sea lions and sea elephants. So only if you want to see these animals, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands will be part of traveling to America.